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I. 2.3.3 Types of marriage (monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, group marriage).

Types of marriage (monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, group marriage)

  1. Based on numbers of spouses

A. Monogamy

B. Polygamy

a. Polyandry

b. Polygyny

2. On the basis of Rule

A. Prescriptive

a. Exogamy

i. Village

ii. Lineage

iii. Clan

iv. Moiety

v. Gotra

vi. Pravara

vii. Sapinda

viii. Hypergamy / Anuloma

ix. Hypogamy / Pratiloma

x. Restricted / Differentiated

xi. Simple / Undifferentiated

b. Endogamy

i. Tribal

ii. Caste

iii. Sub-caste

iv. Class

v. Race

vi. Ethnic

vii. Village

viii. Deme

ix. Moiety

B. Preferential

a. Cross cousin

b. Parallel cousin

c. Levirate & Sororate

C. Proscriptive/Prohibitive – Incest Taboo

3. Rare types of marriage

A. Uncle –niece marriage

B. Sister exchange

C. Fictive

D. Adoptive

E. Group

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