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I.2.4.4 Types of family (from the perspectives of structure, blood relation, marriage, residence and succession)

Types of family

Family can be defined in three different ways- Structure , Function and Change

I.Perspectives of structure

  1. Nuclear
    1. Monogamous
    2. Polygamous
      1. Polyandrous
      2. Polygynous

2. Extended / Composite

  1. Horizontally extended
  2. Vertically extended

 II. Perspectives of blood relation- descent theorist

          Consanguinous family-  On the basis of descent


                               Uni-lineal   Multi-lineal
                  Simple           Complex Ambi-lineal Cognatic
Matrilineal Patrilineal
Double   Parallel

 III.  Perspectives of marriage – alliance theorist

                                                         Conjugal Family

 IV. Perspectives of residence – post marital

                                              Residence – post marital





Patrilocal Matrilocal Avunculocal               Bilocal       Neolocal
  1.  Unilocal
  2. Patrilocal
  3. Matrilocal
  4. Avunculocal
  5. Duolocal
  6. Neolocal
  7. Bilocal
  8. Amitolocal
  9. Ambilocal
  10. Notolocal

V.  Perspectives of succession

  1. Patrilineal
  2. Matrilineal

VI.  Perspective of Authority

  1. Paternal
  2. Maternal

VII.  Perspective of inheritance of property

  1. Primogeniture
  2. Ultugeniture

Warner’s family

Evan Pritchard’s Family

Matrifocal/Patrifocal family

Murdocks Typology

Mayer Fortes Family

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