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  1. Oceanography Write short note on/Pelagic Deposits in  about 200 words. (86/20)
  2. Give an account of marine resources and discuss their present day utilization. (86/ 60)
  3. Give a reasoned account of the contents of the Atlantic Ocean and their impact on the climatic conditions of the coastal regions. (87/60)
  4. Write short note on Coral reefs in about 200 words. (88/ 20)
  5. Write short note on Ocean bottom relief in about 200 words. (89/ 20)
  6. Discuss the theories of the formation of coral reefs proposed by Daly, Darwin and Davis. (90/ 60)
  7. Draw a Hypsographic Curve to represent the major physiographic units of the ocean and comment on their permanency.
  8. (91 / 60)
  9. Give a reasoned account of the distribution of salinity in the oceans and partially enclosed seas. (93/ 60) 
  10. Write short note : Food from the sea. (95/ 20)
  11. Explain and illustrate the ocean floor topography and give a detailed account of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. (96/60)
  12. Write short note : Marine resources, biotic,mineral and energy resources (97/20)
  13. Examine critically the theories of the formation of coral reefs and atolls. (97/20)
  14. Explain and illustrate the submarine relief of the Atlantic Ocean. (98/ 60)
  15. Write short note :Submarine Canyon.(99/20)
  16. Write short note:T-S Diagram.(00/20)
  17. Discuss the Mid Atlantic ridge in terms of its origin, extent and relief: (04/60)  
  18. Write short note : Pelagic deposits.  (04 /20) |
  19. Write short note : Ocean currents of Northern Atlantic Ocean (06/20)
  20. Discuss the different bases for classifying the ocean ‘deposits and give a detailed account of pelagic deposits of the ocean.(07/20)
  21. Write short note : Eustatic changes of Sea level(07/20)
  22. Describe the ideal conditions for coral reef formation and discuss the glacial control theory of coral reef formation. (08/60)
  23. Examine economic significance of  the resources of the continental shelf of the Indian Ocean.(09/30)
  24. Comment on Marine heat budget and the oceanic circulation system.(09/20)
  25. Write short note on Ocean deposits. (10/15)
  26. Explain the scientifically sound methods of bathymetry and give an account of bottom topography of the Atlantic Ocean.
  27. (10/ 30)  
  28. Write short note on’Salinity pattern in Indian Ocean.(11/12)
  29. Temperature,salinity and Density differences in ocean water are the prime causes of ocean Water circulation.” Elaborate, (11/33)
  30. Write short notes on different layers of ocean water. above abyssal plain.
  31. (150 words) (12/12)
  32. ’Atolls present the most challenging explanation in the evolution of coral reefs”, Discuss. (250 words)
  33. Compare the Subsidence and Glacial control theories on the formation of coral reefs. (400 Marks) (2013/25)
  34. Illustrate the origin and nature of Sargasso Sea and Lagoon.(2014/10)
  35. Give an account of recent observations on coral bleaching with reference to Clive Wilkinson’s Report.(2014/)
  36. Describe the characteristics of different types of pelagic deposits.(2015/10).
  37. “The relationship between the winds and the currents is best seen in the Indian Ocean.” Justify.(2016/15)
  38. Bring out the various ecological problems associated with the exploitation and use of oceans and their resources.(2016/20)
  39. Discuss the impacts of ocean currents on air mass behaviour. (2017/10)
  40. Distinguish between low energy coasts and coral coasts.(2017/10)
  41. Describe the configuration of the Pacific Ocean floor.(2017/15)
  42. Discuss the concept of Periglacial cycle as propounded by Peltier.( 2017/20)
  43. Describe The causes and consequences of sea level change.(SAA2018/10)
  44. Describe a potential Marine Energy resources  with reference to their benefits harvest ability and environmental impacts.(2018/20)

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