Categories Anthropology II

II.3.2.6 Future of caste system,

Factors and forces of change

  1. Urbanization
  2. Industrialization
  3. Westernization
  4. Socio – religious reform movements
  5. Democratic process and role of State
  6. Market forces
  7. Political ambience and mobilization
  8. Social media
  9. Non-state forces

Current trends and future of caste system

  1. Changes in Urban areas
  2. Increasing role of caste in political spaces
  3. Inter-caste conflicts and violences
  4. Intra-caste unrest
  5. Class-conciousness in caste
  6. Rajani Kothari- Caste in Indian politics

Future of caste system- three schools of thought

  1. Abolishment of caste system- Ghurye and Ambedkar
  2. Restoration of Varna system- Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Replacement of caste system by Class system

Study of A J Toynbee, T H Marshall and P Kondana

Majumdar- abolish evil practices like untouchability


Under the prevailing political environment, caste system will continue and going to be strengthened and consolidated


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