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II.4.2 Contributions of Indian anthropologists to tribal and caste studies.

  1. S.C. Roy-  Mundas and Their Country, Calcutta, The Oraons of Chhota Nagpur, Ranchi, The Birhor, a little Known Jungle Tribe of Chhota Nogpur, Oraon Religion and Customs, Ranchi, The Hill Bhuinyas of Orissa, Ranchi, The Kharia,
  2. G.S. Ghurye: “A Note on Cross Cousin Marriage and Rural Organisation, Kathiawar,”  “Social Change in Maharashtra,”  “Social Change in Maharashtra,the Scheduled Tribes
  3. M.N. Srinivas: Marriage and Family in Mysore, The Social Organisation of South India, Marriage and Family in Mysore, Religion and Society among the Coorgs of South India,
  4. D.N. Majumdar– A Tribe in Transition: A Study in Culture Patterns,  The Affairs of a Tribe: A Study of Tribal Dynamics, “Himalayan Polyandry”, Affairs of a Tribe: A Study in Tribal Dynamics,
  5. N.K. Bose– Hindu Method of Tribal Absorption, Cultural Anthropology,
  6. Verrier Elwin: The Baiga,  The Agaria,  Maria, Murder and Suicide, The Muria and Their Ghotul, Religion of an Indian Tribe,
  7. L.P. Vidyarthi– the Maler: A Study in Nature-Man-Spirit Complex of a Hill Tribe, Aspects of Religion in Indian Society, , Dynamics of Tribal Leadership in Bihar, Sacred Complex of Hindu Gaya, Sacred Complex of India, Ranchi
  8. S.C. Dube – Emerging Pattems of Rural Leadership in Southern Asia, National Institute of Community Development
  9. H D sankhaliya
  10. K.P. Chattopadhyay : “An Essay on the History of Mewar Culture,” “Some Malayalam kinship terms”
  11. Iravati Karve- Kinship Terminology and ‘Kinship Uses of the Maratha Country*, Kinship Organization in India,
  12. Rajanii Kothari – “Caste in Indian Politics
  13. L.K. Ananthakrishna Iyer- “The Kahars of Mysore”,
  14. S.K. Srivastva- “The Tharu: A Study in Cultural Dynamics Agra,
  15. D.P. Sinha- Culture Change in an Inter-tribal Market
  16. Sachchidananda- Culture Change in Tribal Bihar,
  17. B.N. Sahay-Dynamics of Leadership,
  18. A.B. Saran- “Murder and Suicide among the Two Tribes of Bihar
  19. P.K. Bhowmick- the Lodha Of West Bengal: A Socio-Economic Study,
  20. P.G. Shah- Tribal Life in Gujarat,
  21. L.N. Chapekar- the Thakurs of Sahadri
  22. Y.V.S. Nath- the Bhils of Ratanmal,
  23. P.K. Mishra- Nomads in Mysore City
  24. H.S. Dhillon- Leadership and Groups in a South Indian Village
  25. M.Jha- Sacred Complex of Janakpur, Sacred Complex of India, Ranchi
  26. S. Narayan- Sacred Complex of Deoghar

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