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II.5.1.5 Impact of globalization on Indian villages.

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  18. Peasant Society (S.N – 1985)

Impact of globalization on Indian villages.

Globalization has been associated with key areas of change in Culture, language, traditions, market, politics, and economics.

The term globalization has been associated with key areas of change, which have led to a marked transformation of the world order. At political level, the process of deregulation and liberalization have resulted in rise of democratic polity and good governance.  At the level of economy, globalization led to economic liberalization  reflected in free trade and more deregulated labour, goods and financial markets. At socio-cultural level, the ideas of equality, equity, secularism etc led to empowerment, upliftment of downtrodden.

Globalization have reulted in Positive as well as Negative impact on Socio-Cultural, Political, Economic spheres of village landscape across India.

I. Socio-Cultural impact

  1. Positive- connectivity brought awareness and dissemination of  modern values, ideas, cross-cultural synthesis, caste consciousness, abolition of untouchability, positive discrimination due to reservation coupled with new economic opportunities led to changes in social stratification ,  new education
  2. Negative- family breakdown, destruction of social organization, introduction of  culture of nuclear families in rural areas,

 II. Political

  1. Positive –  increased social mobility, rise of new dominant caste
  2. Negative- rise in inter caste conflicts

III. Economic

  1. Positive- rise of new employment opportunity, rural to urban migration leading to increased inward remittances, Reduction of number of people employed in primary sector
  2. Negative- unemployment of traditional artisan, long working hours, migration, , child labour, rise of middlemen and exploitation of rural artisan as well as rural agriculturist, destruction of self-sustaining village economy, rise of consumerism

IV. Agrarian-

  1. Positive -mechanization of agriculture, improved productivity, rise of agricultural extension works, changed Cropping patterns focussing commercial crops, increased market access for farmers
  2. Negative- farmers suicide due to introduction of commercial crops where farmers had no state support in case of failure of crops,

V. Health

  1. Positive –  introduction of modern health services, reduction in IMR, MMR, raised life-expectancy
  2. Negative- rise in life-style diseases

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