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I.9.5 Racial criteria, racial traits in relation to heredity and environment;

Race is a classification system used to categorize humans on various aspects ,Dobzhansky defined race as a group of population which are reproductively isolated to that extent that exchange of genes is absent or so slow between them.

The characters upon which races are distinguished-

  1. must be non-adaptive hence least influenced by environmental factors.
  2. must be hereditary hence genetic in origin.

It means racial features will not be affected by the environmental factors to a large extent while the same will be passed on from one generation to another provided there is gametic isolation between the races.

The racial criteria depends upon
a.population -race is groups of population,these have their own gene pool with differring gene frequencies
b.genetic differences- population forming a race have some genes in very high frequency &s ome in very low frequency these difference charecterize a race
c. reproductively isolated——this isolation maintains genetic difference,however when come in contact,they potentially hybridize&a new gene frequency is set up
d.biological race—–these are identified resulting from isolation, hybridization, selection, mutation & chance

Racial criteria

  • Morphological Criteria of Skin Colour
  • Morphological Characteristics of Hair
  • Morphological Characteristics of Eye
  • Morphological Characteristics of Nose
  • Morphological Characteristics of Lips
  • Morphological Characteristics of Face
  • Morphological Characteristics of Head
  • Morphological Characteristics of Ear
  • Morphological Characteristics of Body Build

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