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Anthropologist and their work

Paper- I  Anthropology

Ruth Benedict- Cultural pattern, Zuni- Apollonian,  Kwakiutl – Dionysian

Auguste Comte – founding fathers of sociology,

  • “social physiology”,
  • “social physics”,
  • “sociology”.
  • “Positive Philosophy”-  positivism
  • all forms of society should be studied objectively, for value judge ments simply had no place in science.
  • social evolution- society as a biological organism.
  • Society was a “kind of collective organisms,  where “families form the cells, social forces the tissues, while the state comprises various organs”.

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Paper- II Anthropology

Sir William Jones – Asiatic Society of Bengal,  to study “nature and Man”.

Majumdar – divided the anthropological researches in India into three phases viz.—

  • The Formulatory (1974-1911),
  • Constructive (1912-1937) and
  • Critical (1938-on wards).

Sir S.C. Roy-

  • The father of Indian anthropology.
  • Munda and Their Country (1912)

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