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II.7.2 Shortcomings in Tribal Welfare programme

  • 1) Administrators have failed to understand the real problems of tribals, and their diversified Issues. They considered tribes in India as a single group.
  • 2) The planners never took into account the relative numerical strength of different tribes. The difference is ignored.
  • 3) Administrators put forward general programme which were insufficient and failure in many tribal groups.
  • 4) Many projects never took into account the felt-needs of the tribes. Priorities were never fixed by considering immediate and remote needs.
  • 5) A major portion of money allotted for developmental programmes was spent on the establishment of plans and project, towards payment of salary to officials.
  • 6) May educational and health programmes were found to be of very poor standard.
  • 7) Sufficient food and water were not supplied or not reached at the hands of tribals. Dresses and good home conditions, were not well received by tribals.
  • 8) New economic system has posed new problems and challenges for the tribals. Unemployment led them to lend money from money lenders and that itself created lot of problems. No sufficient measures have taken to deal these issues.
  • 9) Educational Programmes launched by the government are found to be disappointing Teachers were not properly trained to set-up a tribal friendly atmosphere in schools.
  • 10) It was also noted that many State Governments are failed to utilize the fund effectively.

Study of gadgil and guha on hunting and gathering tribes like jenukuruba and chenchu of ANDHRA PRADESH point out that the jenukurubas with their vast traditional knowledge of the forest now help forest department in rearing of elephants and collection of forest produce earning a mere subsistence but creating huge revenues for forest department.

Study of CHAUDHARY reveals the development is not up to expectations mainly due to deficiencies in formulation and implementation of programmes. An elite class has emerged through the present modern democratic institutions and it has cornered the developmental benefits.

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