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I & II Prehistoric and Protohistoric tools- Types

Palaeolithic Types: Palaeolithic period has been mainly divided into Lower, Middle and Upper on the basis of certain predominant types. (i) Chopper: These are core tools prepared by unifacial flaking of the terminal end. In some rare cases the flaking might extend over one of the surfaces but do not include the butt-end which is as […]

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I & II Prehistoric and Protohistoric tools- Technique

1. Primary fabrication techniques a. Uncontrolled flacking i. Direct percussion ii. Block on block technique b. Controlled flacking i. Step or resolved flacking ii. Cylinder hammer or hollow hammer technique iii. Punching technique iv. Pressure flacking 2. Compound technique a. Clactonian b. Levallois technique c. Fluting – microlithic technique 3. Polishing and grinding – Neolithic […]

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